Examples of Current Stock

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Deco Bag Sampson Mordan Owl Carlton Ware Coffee Maling 4
Art Deco Evening Bag
Cat.No. M127601
Sampson Mordan Toilet Bottle
Cat.No. M672301
Carlton Ware Coffee Set-Flower and Falling Leaf
Cat.No. 23D7834
Maling Peony Jardiniere
Cat.No. 1AP3154
Carlton 1 Carlton 2 Carlton 3 Carlton 4
Carlton Ware Gallant Coffee Set
Cat.No. MF1133
Carlton Ware Mandarin Tree Jug
Cat.No. 2B9122
Carlton Ware Sunrise Coffee Set
Cat.No. 1B7250
Carlton Ware Tree & Swallow
Cat.No. 1BL1282
Coffee 1 Coffee 2 Coffee 3 Coffee 4
Cauldon Coffee Can c.1910
Cat.No. 2BL13
Burleigh 1932
Cat.No. 1K3272
Chelson (New Chelsea) Coffee Can c.1913
Cat.No. 1BL13
Hammersley Hand Painted
Cat.No. 2BL451
Tunbridgeware Caddy Mintons Coffee Can Silver Misc 3 Misc 4
Tunbridgeware Caddy
Cat.No. HG671290
Mintons Silver Overlay Coffee Cup and Saucer
Cat.No. W104872
Grays Coffee Set
Cat.No. 8K3272
Carlier Toga Dancer 1925
Cat.No. 2TC11141